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Untying Myself and Becoming Independent

A short time has past since I’ve broke free from the tied distribution model and begun my independent financial advisory practice, and I have already experienced the benefits of the move.

True financial advisory has indeed become possible. With the client assured that he/she is receiving independent advice on solutions from a wide range of product providers, products take a backseat for the focus and effort to be on the financial planning process. Products have never been the most important when it comes to financial planning, but remains the bottleneck for most in the industry. The diverse range of an IFA platform goes beyond just life insurance, be it investments, general insurance, mortgage refinancing, corporate benefits etc. amongst many other solutions for the man-in-the-street or accredited investors. The only bottleneck now is how well I am able to advise my client as an independent and professional financial adviser – no more excuses now.

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