Taking off the Bubble Wrap!

After many hours of tweaking, coding and testing, it’s finally time for me to take off the bubble wrap and unveil this very blog for the world.

Everyone’s connected to the net now and it’s common to see financial advisers and consumers alike take to the Internet. You have insurance agents trying to find – yet again – their next prospective client, and on the other hand you have the clients themselves trying to figure out what on earth their adviser has just recommended them. Inevitably, there’s quite a bit of noise generated and even in cyberspace, where discussions are open for all to see and refute (especially on Internet forums), there are still many with vested interests propagating misleading half-truths in a bid to justify certain dubious practices.

Offline, it’s worse. So-called “financial advisers” put in little effort to mask the fact that they are salespeople, taking to the streets, outside shopping malls or train stations, and even IT shows trying to entice people into signing up for all kinds of financial plans with free iPads and laptops.

Such is the state of the financial advisory business in Singapore, and as such, I would like this website – a small bit of the many dot-coms – to serve as a platform whereby I am able to share information with friends, clients and strangers alike to promote financial literacy, and also to let prospective clients know me better before hopefully deciding on engaging me as their financial adviser. I do not proclaim to know it all, but I do know that my heart’s in the right place and I can indeed be a decent person in a rather indecent industry.

I look forward to writing more. In the meantime, please “like” my posts, leave comments and keep reading my blog – I have some older posts that were written during the construction of this site.

Thumbs up to keep me writing more!