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Can I Survive?

My client asked me a question which have always been on my mind since I considered leaving the rather lucrative career I had selling insurance as a tied agent – “Can you survive?”

Efforts to provide my clients the best at my own expense can often go unrecognised, so I am glad that he asked if I could earn a comfortable living after showing him how he can maximise cost-effectiveness in his financial portfolio. I appreciate the concern.

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Being Well Insured Means Little if Your Family Isn’t

It’s rare to meet a well-insured Singaporean (given that statistics have shown that the average citizen is severely under-insured), and by extension even more difficult to find a family that is well insured.

For the few well-insured ones: Being well insured alone does not insure against potential financial ruin if financially dependent family members are not insured properly.

In a typical family, all it takes is one uninsured (or under-insured) person and a single unfortunate incident to put the entire family’s finances underwater. Yet, it is common for a family’s decision-makers to overlook or decidedly ignore insurance coverage for the entire family, if they even decide on getting insurance at all.

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Ex-MP Ong Kian Min Right About Misleading “Financial Consultant” Titles 10 Years Ago

It’s perhaps cliché to claim to be passionate about one’s job, but I think I prove it by spending my Saturday morning reading and analysing the Parliamentary record of then-Chairman of MAS Lee Hsien Loong presenting the bill for the Financial Advisers Act in 2001.

Reading through the hansard, I realised then-MP Ong Kian Min had already identified potential problems which are indeed prevalent in the financial industry now. I am quite surprised at how similar his points were to the reflections I have had over the course of my work, even though it was spoken some ten years ago!

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Is That Really A Free iPad?

There’s an IT convention happening and I think I should earn some good karma with this public service announcement: Avoid purchasing financial products and/or insurance policies at the ongoing IT convention.

In fact, I believe it’s good sense to avoid purchasing financial products from roadshows in general.

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