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The Blind Leading the Blind

In the financial services industry, it is very common to see the blind leading the blind. No offence to the visually handicapped; I am referring to people without adequate financial knowledge providing financial advice to equally clueless individuals.

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Aviva MyShield Moratorium Underwriting

Aviva’s MyShield is currently the only Medisave-approved integrated Medishield policy of the 5 offered in the market to offer Moratorium Underwriting alongside the more traditional Full Medical Underwriting option. Full Medical Underwriting requires the applicant to fully disclose material facts of his medial history and conditions. The insurer will then decide whether to exclude declared pre-existing conditions or even decline the application.

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Problem Creators and Problem Solvers

I think most people will agree with me when I say that we ought to be vilifying problem creators and rewarding problem solvers. For example, society seeks to punish criminials, and hires policemen to protect society from criminal acts.

Is this the case for the financial planning industry?

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Online Seminar on Financial Planning for Persons with Special Needs

Seminar Speaker, Mr. Wilfred Ling

There will be an online seminar conducted this Saturday, 10th September 2011 at 10:00AM regarding financial planning for Persons with Special Needs (PSNs).

PSNs are individuals who suffer from some forms of disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism, etc. PSNs’ prospects in securing or advancing in education, employment and recreation could be substantially reduced as a result of their disabilities. In this seminar, you’ll learn how – and why – financial planning for persons with special needs is so important.

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