Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Passes Away

Co-founder of Apple Inc, maker of the iconic Mac computers, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Steve Jobs has passed away.

Beyond being the person who shaped the devices that I avidly use for everything from leisure to facilitating my work processes as a financial adviser, Steve Jobs was someone whose actions and life story greatly inspire me.

Many are sharing this video on social networking sites. It is one that I have watched many times previously, long before this tragic day happened. While I was struggling with the decision of making the leap of faith to an Independent platform, Steve’s speech gave me the perspective I needed to move ahead with the decision that my heart already knew was right.

We all die one day – a fact he points out in his video and his passing a stark reminder of this fact. It is what we do before we disappear that matters. His advice for this is to stay hungry and stay foolish. I am practising that perfectly nowadays – feeling foolish for benefiting people at my own expense, and perhaps becoming literally hungry as a result (I do exaggerate). I guess this little bit of foolishness and hunger in wanting to do things differently and positively has so far made the difference for me.

It is not just Apple’s loss nor merely the tech industry’s. The world has lost one of the few persons who dared to and did make a dent on the universe. I can only hope that I have a tiny fraction of his ability, courage and passion in doing what I do.

Here’s to the crazy ones:

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

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