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How Recruitment is Done in the Financial Services Industry

I did some random Googling and came across 5 recruitment adverts from different companies and firms within the financial services industry. This is how recruitment is done in this industry:

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Financial Advice and Financial Products

Which do you think is more important – the quality of financial products, or the calibre of your financial adviser and correspondingly the substance of his financial advice?

The obvious answer would be that both are important and go hand in hand together, but the reality is that people put too much emphasis on one over the other.

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HDB Launches 7 BTO Projects

Artist’s Impression of Segar Meadows, Bukit Panjang

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has launched seven Build-to-Order (BTO) projects offering 3,600 new flats.

It has combined the BTO launches originally planned for June and July in Thursday’s launch, giving flat buyers more housing options.

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Victim of “Financial Consultants”

I came across someone asking for help with regards to his insurance portfolio.

I have helped many clients to sort out their portfolios after they have bought all kinds of financial products that were not only lousy, but did not suit them at all. I felt compelled to offer some help to this individual as he was really paying a lot from his monthly income and was still poorly insured.

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