How Recruitment is Done in the Financial Services Industry

I did some random Googling and came across 5 recruitment adverts from different companies and firms within the financial services industry. This is how recruitment is done in this industry:

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Willingly Fed to the Sharks

I was recently reminded of this incident that happened a few months ago. I met this person who was recommended an ILP by her agent. The agent went as far as to use skewed calculation and fuzzy Maths to show her that the ILP was much better than a term policy.

Feeling uncomfortable about the recommendation, she sought a second opinion and that was how I came about to give her some advice.

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Victim of “Financial Consultants”

I came across someone asking for help with regards to his insurance portfolio.

I have helped many clients to sort out their portfolios after they have bought all kinds of financial products that were not only lousy, but did not suit them at all. I felt compelled to offer some help to this individual as he was really paying a lot from his monthly income and was still poorly insured.

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Is That Really A Free iPad?

There’s an IT convention happening and I think I should earn some good karma with this public service announcement: Avoid purchasing financial products and/or insurance policies at the ongoing IT convention.

In fact, I believe it’s good sense to avoid purchasing financial products from roadshows in general.

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