NTUC Income’s First Ever Bond Issue Oversubscribed

NTUC Income recently debuted its first ever bond issue of $600 million 15-year bonds which was open to the public and corporate entities. The coupon rate was 3.65% and NTUC Income has the option to redeem the bonds in full at the end of 10 years.

Oversubscribed would be an understatement: the subscription rate was 15 times its $600 million offer, a cool $9 billion which attests to the attractiveness of the returns vis-à-vis the strong credit rating of NTUC Income. (And that’s a lot of money wanting to be invested.)

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CapitaMall Trust offers up to S$200 million worth of 2-year retail bonds to public and institutional investors in Singapore

CapitaMall TrustFollowing SIA’s bond offering in September last year and that of CapitaMalls Asia last month, CapitaMall Trust is offering up to $200 million worth of retail bonds, of which $50 million will be offered to the public and the rest to institutional and other investors.

The minimum investment sum is S$2,000, with a fixed interest payment of 2.00% per annum to be paid on 25th February 2012 and 2013. The Public Offer for the 2-year retail bonds will open for subscription at 9 a.m. 17th February 2011 and close on noon 23rd February.