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Leaving You Underinsured Creates Repeat Business

Imagine having a doctor who purposefully does not treat you completely such that you would constantly remain sick, thus having to visit the doctor repeatedly, each time paying for his services and medication. I am not familiar with the medical fraternity in Singapore and I trust that most doctors do their jobs ethically, but I know for a fact that the local financial industry thrives on this unethical practice.

I recently met a client who bought an investment-linked policy recommended to her by her friend which provided poor coverage while being taxing on her monthly budgeting.

What’s sad was what the agent wrote in the point-of-sale documents to justify the sale of the policy – an ostensibly apologetic “client to increase coverage when financially better”. It shows that the agent was fully aware that such a policy underinsures her client and yet deemed it fit to recommend her friend the policy. It is particularly upsetting since the client had specifically indicated her concern was (quite rightfully, for her profile) insurance coverage with her limited budget.

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How Young Working Adults Can Avoid Buying Costly Financial Products

I will be holding a small seminar on how to avoid costly financial products and potentially devastating pitfalls in Singapore’s commission-driven financial advisory industry on 25th August, Saturday, later this month.

I am targeting this seminar at young working adults and fresh graduates because I know first-hand that this segment of individuals is heavily targeted at for sales of insurance and investment products that provide poor value. Financial agents usually employ advanced sales and prospecting techniques to push products that enrich themselves at the expense of their clients. People with full-time jobs have no time to come to an informed understanding of what they are purchasing exactly.
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