Start Investing With Only $500 — Her World

Quite glad that an article I have been helping a writer with has finally been published. The November 2014 issue of Her World carries the article Start Investing With Only $500, and I am pleased that it even found a little spot on the cover page.

I also realised that it is quite challenging to write an article for a magazine, and also very different from writing on this blog where I have full editorial control. The article would have been quite different if I wrote it from scratch, but I suppose the end product is more fitting for a magazine. (You can view the article at the end of this post.)

I did not expect this when I first started out years ago, but I’ve had the opportunity to work with the media on several occasions over the years. From appearing on television to writing for print, this has quickly become an interesting part of my job.

It has also become an important aspect of my practice. Instead of the sales-based approach of telemarketing or accosting people on the streets, I rely completely on the Internet and word-of-mouth referrals for business. Such media exposure is useful in helping me connect with people who are looking for proper advice and hence allows me to operate on a consultative approach.

Here’s the article:

Thumbs up to keep me writing more!