I’m Seth Wee, a representative of a financial adviser firm which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to provide financial advice on collective investment schemes as well as life and health insurance policies. I also provide brokering services for general insurance.

In 2009, I started out my career in the industry as a tied insurance agent in a large insurance company. I grew increasingly unsatisfied with the limited range of services I was able to provide which under-served my clients’ (and even my own!) diverse financial needs. Regretably, I even caused my father to become uninsurable for hospitalisation plans.

Training was almost completely product and sales based with little to no emphasis on proper financial planning. The last straw was when I met the sales target and qualified for my first overseas incentive trip. I found it distasteful how top producers were boasting about their incomes, luxury cars and private properties, and witnessed first-hand the extravagant waste of money which invariably came at the clients’ expense. It was then I finalised the decision to move to a better platform in order to provide ethical and independent advice as well as better value to my clients, made possible with a wide range of solutions.

Over the time I have spent in the industry, I have found a keen sense of interest in my work and passion for all things relating to personal finance. Hence, I have started this blog to share financial news and my thoughts with my clients, friends and anyone who cares to read about them. I also hope that prospective clients will be able to get to know me better.

Besides constantly updating myself on financial news and happenings, I go beyond and above the regulatory requirements for professional training and qualifications.

This blog aims to:

  • share and discuss facts, opinions and ideas to promote financial literacy;
  • provide an insight to the financial industry from the perspective of an Independent adviser;
  • allow interested parties to better understand my principles and practices.

Over the years, my blog articles and myself have appeared in other forms of media like television and web publications from Mediacorp, Yahoo! and BBC.

My Business Philosophy

I believe in providing cost-effective and best-of-class financial solutions as well as competent and ethical advice to my clients.

Read about why I feel I can survive even though doing the right thing for my clients often translates into poor remuneration.


Seth Wee, Cert SCI (Financial Planning), Cert SCI (Life Insurance), Cert SCI (Health Insurance)