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Victim of “Financial Consultants”

I came across someone asking for help with regards to his insurance portfolio.

I have helped many clients to sort out their portfolios after they have bought all kinds of financial products that were not only lousy, but did not suit them at all. I felt compelled to offer some help to this individual as he was really paying a lot from his monthly income and was still poorly insured.

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Dear 16-Year-Old Me (Melanoma Awareness Video)

Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin which is responsible for the colour of skin). It is less common than other skin cancers but is much more dangerous and causes majority of deaths related to skin cancer.

From the video: “I want you to be aware… That melanoma is a young person’s disease.”

Can I Survive?

My client asked me a question which have always been on my mind since I considered leaving the rather lucrative career I had selling insurance as a tied agent – “Can you survive?”

Efforts to provide my clients the best at my own expense can often go unrecognised, so I am glad that he asked if I could earn a comfortable living after showing him how he can maximise cost-effectiveness in his financial portfolio. I appreciate the concern.

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Remembering My Grandfather

My grandfather passed away last Monday and was cremated on the Friday that followed.

We were not close when he was healthier, and hardly ever spoke. Towards the end he became increasingly sickly, seemingly withering out of this world and becoming oblivious to people. I didn’t speak to him then. Eventually, he passed on and everyone choked on tears, bidding their last farewells. I didn’t say anything either.

I forgot when it happened, but I will always remember a time when we were both much younger and out together one afternoon, and he bought me the latest Sonic video game just because I stopped to look. I guess we didn’t really need to say much to each other. I shall silently keep him in my memories.