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The Blind Leading the Blind

In the financial services industry, it is very common to see the blind leading the blind. No offence to the visually handicapped; I am referring to people without adequate financial knowledge providing financial advice to equally clueless individuals.

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Problem Creators and Problem Solvers

I think most people will agree with me when I say that we ought to be vilifying problem creators and rewarding problem solvers. For example, society seeks to punish criminials, and hires policemen to protect society from criminal acts.

Is this the case for the financial planning industry?

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The Quality of Independence

Candidates for Presidential Elections 2011

Another election is upon us and Singapore votes for its third elected President. This time around, Singaporeans get to choose between four different candidates, all of whom seem to stress on how independent he is.

Why the emphasis on “independence”?

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Independence, Ethics and Competency

Having experienced both a tied agency environment as well as an Independent one, I can proclaim that the Independent distribution model is still the best for clients. As I have read in an online forum, “all good financial advisers are IFA”, which reflects my sentiments. The person who wrote this line also quickly followed up in the same sentence – ” but not all IFA are good financial advisers”.

This cannot be further away from the truth.

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