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Financial Planning
Financial planning involves a needs analysis to uncover an individual’s financial needs in areas such as cash flow, budgeting, insurance etc. Specific needs planning relating to individual financial concerns is also available.

Suited for individuals who:

  • have just started exploring financial planning;
  • are concerned about rising medical costs, inability to work, providing for dependents;
  • have specific needs to look into;
  • wish to have an independent review of their existing financial portfolio.

Investment Planning
Investment planning includes the risk tolerance profiling of the individual and construction of an investment portfolio based on an appropriate and diversified asset allocation. Investments can be in a single amount or smaller, monthly contributions. Regular reviews and re-balancing will be conducted.

Suited for individuals who wish to accumulate wealth to beat inflation, prepare for retirement, and/or save for children’s future education fees.

Brokering provides a client with access to a large number of companies relating to life insurance, general insurance, investment funds, group/corporate benefits, mortgage refinancing etc.

Suited for indivduals who:

  • wish to save on insurance premiums (car, home, fire etc.) and mortgage interest;
  • want to find competitive quotes in the market.