My Thoughts on Presidential Hopeful Tan Kin Lian

Polling Day is a mere two days away. Have you decided which Tan to vote for?

I would like to talk about Mr. Tan Kin Lian. Amongst the four Tans, he is the one most familiar to me. I was still young and politically apathetic when Dr. Tony Tan and Dr. Tan Cheng Bock were in government, and Mr. Tan Jee Say only came into prominence when he stood under the opposition ticket in the General Elections a few months ago. Mr. Tan Kin Lian has been a CEO of a major insurer for three decades, and it is natural for any practitioner dealing with life insurance to have heard of him. He is well-known in the industry, though perhaps for not very desirable reasons.

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The Quality of Independence

Candidates for Presidential Elections 2011

Another election is upon us and Singapore votes for its third elected President. This time around, Singaporeans get to choose between four different candidates, all of whom seem to stress on how independent he is.

Why the emphasis on “independence”?

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Helping Yourself Where Politicians Can’t or Won’t – Healthcare

New Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong

It has been weeks since Polling Day and the dust from Singapore’s latest General Election has settled, but local issues and national concerns naturally do not change overnight.

Healthcare remains a pressing issue for many Singaporeans who are facing the brunt of the high costs of healthcare. All you have to do is to browse a few local sociopolitical websites and you can read articles about high costs of healthcare or the inefficiencies of subsidised healthcare, and many accompanying comments, often bitter and sarcastically referencing outgoing Minister for Health Khaw Boon Wan’s $8 out-of-pocket surgical expenses.

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Of Elections, Insurance and Cost of Living

Indubitably one of the hottest topics surrounding Singapore’s General Elections 2011, cost of living appears to be one of Singaporeans’ top concerns. “Insurance” has also been used quite prominently as an analogy.

Naturally, political parties, the incumbent and opposition alike, have made it a point to address such issues amidst the lead up to Polling Day on May 7.

With local politics and personal finance two of my favourite interests, a post on the matter is inevitable.

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