TM Legacy Plus Revision

That was quick – mere weeks after Aviva launched its whole life policy, Tokio Marine has announced revisions to its flagship policy – TM Legacy Plus.

The biggest change would probably be the upgrade in the Minimum Benefit, or Minimum Protection Value, which I have touched on before. The MB factor used to be 2.5 for people 24 years and below, meaning a $100,000 policy will cover the person for $250,000. It was 2.0 for someone between 25 to 29, 1.8 between 30 – 34 and decreases for people in older age groups.

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Tokio Marine Maintains Annual Bonus Rates… For 48th Year in a Row!

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore has sent out updates on its Participating Fund performance and has maintained bonus rates for its Participating policies.

For the uninitiated, when you purchase a Participating policy such as a whole life policy or an endowment savings policy, the insurer illustrates a projected return you would get at a certain assumed rate of investment return of the insurer’s Participating Fund. Simply put, if the insurer maintains (and hence does not reduce) the annual bonus rate for the duration of your policy, you would receive the amount stated on the documents which your agent has showed you when he/she first sells you the policy.

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